Devonne Estrada, MA, CCC-SLP

Owner, Endoscopist, and Speech-Language Pathologist

Founder, Devonne Estrada, is a lifelong resident of Las Cruces, NM. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a Minor in Counseling and Educational Psychology from New Mexico State University in 2011. After graduation, Devonne decided to change career paths and applied to NMSU's Speech-Language Pathology program. She was accepted into the Communication Disorders Graduate Program in 2012, where she completed one year of leveling coursework in Communications Disorders, followed by two years of graduate coursework. Devonne completed and obtained a Master of Arts degree in Communication Disorders in May 2015. Since then Devonne has worked and continues to work in several settings such as; acute care hospitals, the NICU, a long-term acute care hospital, inpatient rehabilitation, early intervention and in SNFs. She primarily works in the acute care setting with the majority of her job providing swallow diagnostics, via videofluoroscopy (VFSS/MBSS), in individuals ranging from neonates to geriatrics. She completed Basic FEEs coursework and skills, twice, with Dr. Eric Blicker and with Dr. John Ashford and Michelle Skelley at SA Swallowing Services in TN. She completed her competency skills training with SA Swallowing Services in TN. Devonne has been involved in several program development projects at various facilities and has a vast knowledge of swallow anatomy and physiology, swallow interventions and treatment. Devonne has been performing modified barium swallow studies consistently and almost daily since the start of her career. Other specialized experiences include; working with individuals in the ICU, NICU, tracheostomies, speaking valve placements, pediatric swallow/feeding diagnostics and treatment, and diagnosis and treatment of Head and Neck Cancer populations with swallowing disorders. Devonne saw a need for accessible swallow imaging in the community and surrounding rural facilities, so she founded Southwest Dysphagia Diagnostics in 2022 in hopes of reaching these underserved populations and to reduce the incidence of aspiration pneumonia, unnecessary feeding tubes, inappropriate diet modifications, and recurrent hospitalizations.